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Tips for meditation

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Be consistent ... a little every day makes the difference

When I sit these days, I feel like I am continuing on from all the mediation I have done before. I simply pick up where I last left off. Meditation is really a conversation with ourselves until we are done talking, crying, remembering, re-living, holding on ... we just sit through the noise until we find the blissful quiet. For most of us mediation is something we want to do, but don't do. I honestly recommend just committing to five minutes each day, forever. You can do it on the train, you can do it in bed, you can do it anywhere. There are so many techniques to choose from, so I recommend to keep looking until you find one that you love. My personal mediation is with Jack Kornfield's Loving Kindness Meditation because it speaks to me. I promise you will also find one that will wash the whole world away for you too.

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