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Take your practice to the next level

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

You aren't going to like this part ...

All of us know the answer to success we just might not like it. The truth is we have to persist. We have to turn up and do the hours and the hard work to get results. Our yoga practice is a true example of this. Turning up to predawn practice in the middle of winter when the night is dark; doing a posture even though it challenges us and you have somehow turned it into a big monster in your mind ... it is breaking down these barriers that allows our yoga to transform not only our bodies but our spirits and hearts too. The next time you go to press the snooze button or make an excuse - don't - if you want real lasting change in your life there is only one thing for it : turn up, don't be lazy, and see what happens. Sometimes turning up is the hardest part.

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