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One step at a time


Stephen Hawking (one of the smartest people on the planet) announced in November 2017 that we had 100 years left on earth. That is it, caput. The end of humans as we know it. On some days I think that is probably a wonderful thing for all the other living beings in the world. Days like today it just makes me really sad. I think fear is the issue. The recent world-wide election wins to climate-crisis deniers shows that Earthlings just don't want to believe it could be true. That would mean they would have to change, and people as a whole hate that. They want a magical pill instead, or in this case they want the person in charge to tell them it isn't real. The hard truth is we are out of time, and if we want to leave anything behind us we need to do something now. If not for us, then for the children here and the ones yet to arrive. Yoga gives us such a good tool to change. It asks us to be present, to be brave, to constantly ask ourselves if we can be and do better. All of us, myself included, can always improve. It starts with one change. The belief that we can make a difference and to act from that place of power. Travel on public transport where possible or use your bicycle/feet. Bring your own bags when you go shopping. Stop buying water in plastic bottles and carry your own flask. Buy secondhand where possible, and only when you really need something. Recycle. Compost. Set up a bee (voted the most important living thing on earth) home in your garden. There are literally hundreds of changes you can make right now that will make a difference. My current favourite is supporting companies that are sustainable and changing your power supplier to one that invests in wind and solar energy. The best bit is that you only have to do one thing at a time. We can't save the world, but we can save our corner. If enough of us do this now, it will turn the tide ... I can already feel small grass roots changes in every nation, we just need to add to it. Use your yoga practice to not only to change you but to save this amazing planet we live on. It isn't us and nature. We are nature, one breathing living whole.

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