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I've chosen to be a local teacher instead of a travelling one so that I can build relationships with students. This way both of us can grow and improve together. I like to teach by observation and encourage students to be patient as they tread their yoga path.

Image by Gleren Meneghin


This offering is ideal if you want to assist in classes and deepen your practice. I can offer one assistant place a year where we can work together to meet your yoga goals. This will include philosophy study, time assisting, and privates. Contact me to discuss and to find out more.

Image by Simon Migaj


Learn one-on-one @ ELIXR Bondi. This is perfect if you want to get your alignment checked or if you want to work on one particular a posture, meditation or another aspect of the eight limbs. $120 per session. Simply email me to organise one. 

Yoga Class


One of my favourite things about the format of group classes is how they foster community. Attending a group class is a great way to build your confidence too! If you're new go to the middle of the room as it is a great spot to see and learn from.

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