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"Martine is an inspiring, compassionate and honest yoga teacher. She makes her students feel comfortable and confident. I started yoga with Martine in 2014, she challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally in more ways than I knew possible. I felt so awakened and stirred that I undertook my Yoga Teacher Training at the beginning of 2016 and to this day when I am doing my own practice I have her sweet voice etched in my mind. Martine is like a ray of sunshine and when she walks calmly and gracefully into the studio I automatically feel like everything is going to be okay. Whether it is Hatha, Ashtanga or Yin I always know that I will walk out feeling invigorated. I clearly have a great respect and love for Martine and I will be forever grateful to her."



"I first started attending Martine's delightful classes about six years ago. She is an extremely dedicated, enthusiastic teacher. With Martine, I have experienced three different types of yoga; ashtanga, hatha and restorative. Each class is created thoughtfully, keeping in mind the energy levels of the students and the phases of the moon. She often sings mantras in the most beautiful voice and the feeling of connectedness when the students join in is so uplifting! Sometimes she teaches us interesting pranayama, l always come away having learnt something. Her blog is filled with heartfelt and useful information . In 2015 I joined one of Martine's retreats, and what a treat it was!"



"I love Martine's teaching, it's opened my mind to see things from a different perspective. Martine always remind us to be grateful, to see the good in everything. When I first started yoga I was very shy and not confident, but then I found her classes. I still remember thing she said, "there is no good yoga or bad yoga, there is only yoga" and I started to go to class with more confidence."



"Martine is everything you could want in a teacher. She is warm, generous, kind, yet firm: with the biggest heart. She is incredibly knowledgable about the body; ensuring she gives as much attention as possible to her students' alignment, with appropriate adjustments. Martine always keeps us guessing with new poses, modifications and sequences. Martine is a woman who truly lives the principles of yoga. She is always ready to give love and care to those in need, evidenced by the many animals (and people), she has cared for and breathed new life into, despite personally managing considerable health challenges. An inspiration and a beautiful soul. I am blessed to know this wonderful human and can not recommend her highly enough, as a teacher and a great friend."

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