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Begin 2023 as the best version of yourself, kicks off February 24-27.

What is it?

Weekend of supported wellness, starting Friday 24 and finishing Sunday 27.


It works in three parts.

1. DAILY YOGA PRACTICE – either with me at ELIXR or do your own self-practice at home – with one rest day a week.

2. DAILY 15 CHECK IN – to make sure you are on track for your goals! 

3. TEAM EFFORT – you will have a What'sApp Daily chat to share recipes, ideas and to stay on track.

4. CLEANSE LEVEL OPTIONS – you can choose to eliminate one or all of these things for the duration of your cleanse. Wheat/Processed Food/Dairy/Sugar/Alcohol/Caffeine/Meat... you can chose to eat one, two or three meals a day. Each meal should be no more than what you can hold in your two hands.

5. ONGOING SUPPORT – each day will have a different focus – eg – reduce portion sizes, move 30 minutes each day and so on. The idea being is every week you add to your toolbox until it is just normal life.

How does it work?

I work with the group as your cheerleader and step-by-step take you through the process towards being the best you. 


You will pay $50 for remote or as an Elixr member which includes the daily support or $100 as a non-member of Elixr which will give you access to all of my classes at Elixr. 

Email me to book in, limited spaces only:

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