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Your asana goals: patience is key

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

They are just all shapes Eileen Hall says ...

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a strong practice and an upside-down posture every now and again. The trouble is I think we get a little too fixated on them. First, the good news. For all of us, most postures with due diligence are possible. We might just have to do them a few thousand times! I recommend picking one posture to focus on and learning everything you can about it and asking your teacher for support and help. Then make it a single focus and chip away at it a lot. Some postures will come in a month, some will take many years. Second, I practice inversions and crazy shapes with my body not because of how they look but because of how they make me feel on the inside. I love the freedom of flipping my body the other way round and how my legs feel when I have done some deep releasing forward folds too. Point is, focus on making your practice do you good. Postures will come and they will go. It's how you feel that really truly counts.

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