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Bring meditation into your class

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Tricky but essential ...

It's hard as modern yoga teachers without a cave to teach in to encourage our students to meditate but we all know how good it is for all of us. I recommend starting to talk about it in class first. Encourage pupils to consider asana meditation, have them focus on their breath, the sensations of their skin, so you are drawing their awareness in. Bring them into savasana with guided breath work to they are slowing their breath rate down to the meditation rate of five or less cycles a minute. Once they start to settle into this new addition to your class add a timed mediation of a few minutes at the start and end of each class, growing the length over time till you reach a suitable balance for everyone. It is quite surprising how easily and quickly this can be done, and you will find that students are more focused during and after class because of this simple and important change to your teaching.

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