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If you are feeling the effects of 2020 and just want to get the old you back this is 100% for you.

What is it?

30/60/90 days of supported wellness. We will meet once a week on Saturdays for pranayama and meditation 4.30-5.30pm.

Each week will have a different focus - eg - reduce portion sizes, move 30 minutes each day and so on. The idea being is every week you add to your toolbox until it is just normal life.

How does it work?

I work with the group as your cheerleader and step-by-step take you through the process towards being the best you. As part of each month you get four classes, daily support via whatsap group - and - those in Sydney get a one hour massage. I only have room for 20 people each month - as per covid restrictions for our group classes.


You will pay $100 for remote which includes the zoom 4 x weekly session and daily support or $150 for the face-to-face  4 x weekly session, daily support and 1 x massage in four weeks. You can buy month by month. 

Email me to book in, limited spaces only:

* Massage and classes within each month must be used and are non-refundable and not for exchange.

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