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Cute Cat

Spread the word

If you are ready to adopt a furry family member please do let me know! I can always locate you the perfect forever furry baby to fit your life. Even if you can't adopt, please let your friends know that shelters and small local rescues like mine are over flowing. Every bit of publicity helps.

Cat Stretching on Sheets

Help by fostering

If you are keen to foster a little kitten or a bigger cat please let me know as every bit helps save a life. There are so many animals in need right now. 95% of cats never make it out of the pound. You just need to provide love, food, cuddles, a safe place and litter until their adoptee comes along.

Image by Jae Park

It all adds up

If you can't foster or adopt right now, you can donate food, litter or make a donation to the cause. You can do this either through my paypal or directly to my account at Bondi Junction Vet. Speak to Neil on + 61 2 9389 8411, and say it is for Martine's animal rescue account. 

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